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Originally from Akron, Ohio, I currently live in Los Angeles working as a cinematographer. My storytelling focuses on the bizarre aspects of human nature and the strange allure of our darkest fantasies. I embrace the weird, the surreal, the unsettling. I love films about psychological turmoil and paranormal phenomena that challenge our perception of reality.

In terms of cinematic style, I appreciate work that brings a unique perspective or original voice to the screen. I like working with people who make bold artistic choices and think outside the box. With my cinematography, I revel in crafting careful compositions, creating color contrast and painting with shadows. One of my strengths as a DP is achieving low-key, dramatic lighting while avoiding the current trend of making everything too dark to actually see (looking at you GoT).

As a cinematographer, I'm very good at interpreting a director's vision, assessing the challenges and bringing it to life. I enjoy pitching ideas and will always strive to provide a fresh point of view. When I'm directing, I love hearing other people's suggestions. The director is responsible for synthesizing their team's disparate skills and ideas into a singular, unified vision, recognizing when someone else has a better idea--that's my philosophy, anyway. Considered by some to be a "very chill dude," I bring a very calming energy to set.

Favorite movies: Mandy, The Shining, Hereditary, Blade Runner, The Witch, The Cable Guy, Secret Window, Halloween, The Master

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