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My cinematography can be characterized by precise framing, careful color selection and deliberate use of shadows. I love working in low-key lighting schemes, but I steer away from the current trend of making the image too dark to actually see. Instead, I opt for smart contrast ratios that provide the picture with shape and structure. I've shot a diverse array of narratives and am highly versatile, enjoying both vivid neons and naturalistic palettes. One of my strengths is creating custom looks consistent with the aesthetic of the project and needs of the story.

Film & Commercial Reel
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Cinematography Reel  updated 2022

I was the Director of Photography on all of the content featured in my reel. Here's a list of the projects:

68 Degrees (short film)

Belphegor (short film)

Birthday Wish (short film)

Breathe (music video)

Cholo Zombies (feature film)

Dancing in the Moonlight (music video)

End of the World (short film)

Glitch (short film)

Herzog & Morris (short film)

How I Failed the Bechdel Test (short film)

I Don't Care (music video)

The Man Who Watches (web series)

Mr. Gangles (web series)

My Ex is a Monster (short film)

Oghene Doh (music video)

Outrun LA (short film)

Road to Terzetto (feature film)

Realm of Unknowns (short film)

Shopkick Ad (commercial)

Sisters (short film)

Sugar, Silence... (feature film)

Sway (short film)

Triumphant (feature film)

VTech ad (commercial series)

Wakanda Forever (music video)

You (music video)