As a director, I gravitate toward stories that are highly imaginative, darkly comedic and offer an usual perspective. I love using elements of horror and sci-fi to explore a person's humanity, placing realistic characters in fantastical situations. My work tends to be wild, weird and sometimes unconfortable to watch. 

Outrun LA - Sci-Fi

writer - director - cinematographer - editor

Cyberpunk meets COVID in the year 2021. Night Blade, a katana-wielding hacker, must enter the DigiSphere and assassinate a nefarious cyborg. But before she does, she needs a beer (or six).

Rideshare  -  Horror / Thriller

writer - director - cinematographer - editor

A rideshare driver cruises the streets of Los Angeles with murderous intent.

Belphegor  -  Dark Comedy

writer - director - cinematographer - editor

Danielle and Brian are young and in love, but when Danielle is possessed by a demon named Belphegor, their relationship is put to the test. After years of living with this demonic third wheel, the exorcism date is finally set.

Sway  -  Quarantine Drama

writer - director - cinematographer - editor

This is a short film collaboration between Stephen Vanderpool and Danielle Spisso. It was shot in their apartment in Los Angeles in April 2020 in adherence to the stay-at-home order.

Hacked  -  Commercial

director - editor

A commercial for cyber security software that played on United Airlines flights.

You  -  Music Video

writer - director - cinematographer - editor

A music video for "You" by Patrick Sylvester.